About us

We are a society of Gastroenterologist physicians who serve as a means to its members and their patients to maintain the health of the population, disseminate scientific knowledge, establish the importance of gastroenterology and promote high standards of ethics and professionalism in medical practice within our countryside.

We carry out this mission by supporting a gastroenterology practice based on scientific advances and promoting the discovery, development and application of new knowledge that leads to the prevention and treatment of digestive diseases.


In 1957, Doctors Aulio Brea Ortega, Jordi Brossa Mejía, Francisco Cuesta Barreiro, Pablo Iñiguez, Manuel Saladín Vélez, Eduardo Roedán Majluta, and George Hazoury Tomes, with Dr. Aulio Brea Ortega becoming the first president, these doctors formed the reduced number of existing gastroenterologists in the country and considering the benefits provided by the rapprochement between members of any particular nucleus of society; They thought that they could benefit if they met monthly, within a scientific plane, framed with the highest sense of companionship and friendship. In effect, the exchange of ideas began, the presentation and discussion of the most interesting cases that had been presented to the members of the group, in the period between each meeting. Months later, excited by the reception that these meetings had had, it was decided to give them a more formal character; and the Dominican Society of Gastroenterology was created; its founders being the aforementioned doctors. 

Unfortunately, such a beautiful, promising and newly born society, entered a deep coma in 1958 until 1967, when, thanks to the energy and desire for improvement with which a group of recently trained doctors arrived on our soil. , the restructuring of our organization was possible on January 18, in an assembly held in the City of Santo Domingo, at the premises of the Dominican Medical Association (AMD), which was formed by Doctors: Eduardo Alvarez G., Aulio Brea O., Jordi Brossa M., Roberto Caram H., Francisco Cuesta B., Leopoldo Gonzalez Brache B., Adolfo Guzman S., George Hazoury Tomes, Pablo Iñiguez, Orlando Mejía Ferrés, Rafael Ortíz E., Marino Piantini and Manuel Saladín V., who decided to elect the board of directors. Which takes place in the second half of January with a duration of 1 year until 2016, when the first two-year period begins with Dr. Luis Manuel Pérez Méndez.

This responsibility fell on the following colleagues: Dr. Jordi Brossa M., President. Dr. George Hazoury Tomes, Vice President. Dr. Roberto Caram H., Secretary. Dr. Francisco Cuesta Barreiro, treasurer. Dr. Adolfo Guzmán Silverio., Member. When the first meeting of this new board of directors was held, it was agreed: to direct the steps to make the incorporation of our entity, to prepare the Dominican magazine of Gastroenterology, appointing Dr. Iñiguez as its Director. And, to appoint members of Honor to all the medical personalities related to our specialty; May they grant us the honor of visiting us.

Dr. Cuesta Barreiro. Is entrusted with the elaboration of the Statutes, which, days later, receive their first reading and approval, in order to be discussed in a future assembly; The restructuring is communicated to the Dominican Medical Association, from whom membership is requested, which is granted in a few days (on January 27). Said restructuring is also communicated to all other National and Foreign Medical Associations. That same day, in a solemn ceremony held at the Hotel El Embajador, the Diplomas were delivered that accredited Dr. Henry L. Bockus as Honorary President of our Society, as well as the Doctors: Henry J. Tumen, James L. Roth and George Pack as Honorary Members. On March 6, in an Assembly held at the premises of the Dominican Medical Association and with the assistance of Doctors: Alvarez G., Brea o., Brossa M., Caram H., Cuesta B., González B. , Guzmán S., Hazoury Tomes, Mejía F., and Roedán M., the statutes of the group are discussed and approved.

In April 1967, we asked the Executive Power for our incorporation, which is obtained by Decree 1867, on November 28 of the same year.

383 / 5000 Translation results On April 27, 1967, the application for admission was sent to the Inter-American Association of Gastroenterology (AIGE) and the World Organization of Gastroenterology (OMGE), by letter addressed to Dr. Carlos A Estape, Secretary of the (AIGE) and Dr. HG Mogena, President of the (OMGE), also asking them for a list of the member associations of both to start new relationships.

1984 First female president of the society. Dr. Tamara Moore.

1986 First Day of the North Dr. Radhames Cortina, and First Day of the South.

President Dr. Narciso Viloria. 

1987 First East Day. Dra. Marisela Torres. President. 

1988 During the presidency of Dr. Ricardo Corporan in 1991 The first modification of the statutes is made, the first National Congress of the Society is held, the Santiago branch is created, and the liver and endoscopy chapters are formed.

1996 Formation of the pediatric chapter in 1996. President Luisa Ovando. 

1997 was the first Pan American. President Dr. Julio Cesar Echavarria.

2013 Second amendment of statutes: The name of the National Congress of Gastroenterology is changed to the Dominican Congress of Gastroenterology, the periods of the directive are changed from one to two years as of 2016. The chapters of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Pancreas and Tracts were formed Biliary. Dra. Fanny Grullon. President. 

2015 To date, 28 Congresses have been held 

Currently the society has 539 active members.

For the training of new gastroenterologists there are 6 schools of Gastroenterology for adults and 1 pediatric. All endorsed and certified by our institution. 

52 presidents have led our entity since its founding.